Coco Key

January 18, 2010

It's a Conference Center! It's a Water Park!

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Those of us of a certain age may remember the old Saturday Night Live bit "It's a Floor Wax...No!  It's a Desert Topping".  Well that's what the Coco Key Water Resort in Waterbury CT was like.  The hotel is a nice Holiday Inn with a conference center, restaurant, etc.  The Water Park is giant aqua-playroom.

We arrrived at the hotel and were quickly checked in.  The kids immediately wanted to go to the Water Park.  On a Saturday at 1:00, the place was packed as expected.  Maddie (age 4) was a bit overwhelmed, and Mason (age 9) was happy to run around the big central water play area called Parrot's Perch.  We hung out for about an hour, then had lunch, a mix of Pizza Hut and A&W, which provided filling options for all (insider tip, right next to the Pizza Hut is the"Wet Rooser" bar that also serves healthy food options like wraps and salads).  After our lunch, we checked out the game room.  Plenty of games, prizes and etc. 

We had a nice dinner in the hotel, a buffet with some healthy options and the usual choices for the kids.  As long as we are talking food, the breakfast buffet the next morning was everything you want in a breakfast buffet, eggs, bacon, cereal, oatmeal, etc., nice and filling.

After dinner, we found the secret to staying there...the Hotel Pool!  You wouldn't think a hotel with a water park would also have it's own pool, but sure enough.  We had the entire pool to ourselves for about half an hour, and the hot tub as well.  And since we were already wet, we went back to the Water Park and guess what?  All the crowds were gone.  It wasn't empty, but a much more reasonable number of people.  Mason took laps on the giant water slide, Maddie got the hang of the water toys on Parrots Perch and fun was had by all.

Coco Key now has 9 other locations in the Northeast, Midwest and Orlando.  For a quick getaway, it's a great way to stimulate, entertain and exhaust your kids!

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