The Sebastian - Vail: A Macaroni Kid Favorite

You Can Improve on Perfection!

By Joyce Shulman October 13, 2015
They say you can't improve on perfection, and we believed that The Sebastian - Vail was perfect. Warm, welcoming, elegant, perfectly located in the heart of Vail Village with a staff that was, well, perfect.

So when we were invited to check out some recent improvements, I was skeptical. Really, what could they have done to make it better? Did they change the beautiful lobby I loved? Or, gulp, do anything to the gorgeous pool and hot tubs? Promise me that my skis, boots and poles will be warm and waiting for me at Base Camp each morning. The Frost Bar? No, not the Frost Bar!

I shouldn't have worried. All of the elements that made The Sebastian - Vail perfect are still intact, and with just a few changes, they've made the property even more family friendly.

Come tour the improvements with us!

First, the rooms. I confess that the room layout and decor was perhaps not my favorite part of The Sebastian - Vail before this year. Perhaps they were a tiny bit dark and maybe a little on the small side. I loved them anyway, but I suppose there was a little room for improvement. And wow. The newly renovated rooms are bright and beautiful and a new "executive suite" is perfect for a family. With one or two bedrooms flanking a good-sized living room, it was no problem when my son's friend joined us and we became a family of five for a night.

Next up, a new children's room and daily kids craft programming. The new Tyke's Room gives the littlest ones a wonderland with a make-believe kitchen, huge chalk wall, extensive library and a little stage for big talent.

And finally, the new destination restaurant Leonora delivers fabulous food in The Sebastian - Vail style ... warm, welcoming and wonderful. While everything was delicious, ordering a big selection of Tapas to enjoy family style is definitely the way to start a memorable meal or end a wonderful vacation.

The writer and her family were guests of The Sebastian - Vail for two nights to facilitate this review. No compensation was received and all opinions are her own.