Helmets, Mittens and More: The Best Accessories for Skiing

By Eric Cohen - Macaroni Dad October 13, 2015
The big three are skis, boots and poles. These are what you need to ski, but it's the little things that can make the difference for a family ski trip. Check out my video below. Transpack did give us the bag to review, but that doesn't change my opinion that it's totally awesome. 

It all starts with an easy way to carry everything. Transpack makes the best boot bag I've ever seen. It can be worn as a backpack, has separate boot pockets to keep your boots from getting everything dirty and just the right amount of room for all the little things.

The first thing to put in your new bootbag should be a helmet. Boeri and Giro are two brands we like, but try some on and see what fits best. Next, pick up a good pair of goggles, Smith, Scott and Oakley are top brands. Seeing the terrain is a pretty important part of skiing.

Cold fingers are no fun. Good gloves or mittens make all the difference. I have a pair of leather gloves from's house brand and mittens from Black Diamond for colder days. 

A buff or "neck tube" is a great little thing to wear when the snow starts flying. We use some from Phunkshun and they're pretty common at your local ski or outdoor shop. They can be worth the $20 or so to make the unpleasant weather much more pleasant. 

We always stash snacks in our pockets and our kids' pockets. Atkins Bars, Clif Kid Z-Bars, Honey Stingers, and the like can let you max out your ski day.

And once you've maxed out your ski day . . . hit the pool or hot tub for a good soak. (Did you see my video on the Hot Springs in Steamboat?). You'll kick yourself if you have to shell out a couple of hundred bucks for bathing suits for everyone at the resort.

So don't forget the little things to have great big fun on your family ski vacation this winter!