5 Dino-Mite Activities For Your Dinosaur-Loving Kid

From at-home crafts to a one-of-a-kind show

By Macaroni KID April 27, 2022

Have a dinosaur-crazy kid? We've curated five family-friendly dinosaur themed activities to help keep them entertained!

1. Dino fossil cookies

Ingredients: no-spread cookie mix, cookie-cutter, toy dinosaurs

1. Make your favorite batch of no-spread cookie dough.
2. While the dough is raw, use toy dinosaurs to imprint various shapes. REMOVE the dinosaur before baking!
3. Bake cookies according to the recipe directions. 

—Photos and recipe from Sarah Hauge, publisher of Macaroni Kid Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial Colo.

2. Build your own dinosaur figures

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 Nicole Hoeper

3. Dino fizzy eggs

Supplies needed: baking soda, water, gel food coloring, plastic dinosaurs

Get the step-by-step instructions!

 Nicole Hoeper

4. Handprint Dinos

Supplies needed: paint, black permanent marker, paper, embellishments

1. Add paint to the palm of your child’s hand.
2. With fingers spread apart, gently press your child's hand onto a sheet of paper like a stamp.
3. Use extra paint and embellishments to add features like spikes or a tail.

5. A dinosaur show!

Jurassic Quest brings SKYSCRAPING DINOSAURS to towns all over the United States, allowing kids a close up look at LIFE-SIZE, REALISTIC dinos and ancient ocean dwellers!

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