Travel Tips & Tricks From Actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley

This is the biggest summer for family travel since the pandemic began

By Kara Murphy June 6, 2022

Like the rest of us, Father of the Bride and Nashville actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley is itching to get her family back to traveling this summer. 

"Everyone is climbing the walls, the kids just got out of school, so we're all super excited to take some trips," she says.

She's already made plans for several great family trips, including overseas. Her husband, country superstar Brad Paisley, has a European tour in the works. 

"We're tagging along for that," she says. 

The power duo, married in 2003, has two sons, Huck, 15, and Jasper, 13. They live near Franklin, Tenn.

Kimberly says she's also planning a trip to Utah just with Jasper this summer.

"He's a big animal fan so we're going to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to work with rescues there," she says. "I love one-on-one trips with my kids because it's a great opportunity to spend time with them following their interests."

Where can you see Kimberly Williams-Paisley?

We asked Kimberly about her current projects. She's been busy with two great movies that should hit screens soon.

"Keep an eye out for Dog Gone on Netflix with Rob Lowe. It's based on a true story about a lost dog — it's a tearjerker but ultimately a great fun story. I also just finished shooting Jesus Revolution with Kelsey Grammar, the true story of preacher Greg Laurie."

Dog Gone is expected to be released in 2022, while Jesus Revolution will make its debut in 2023.

Kimberly has partnered with Hilton this summer to talk about family travel tips. It's a great summer to share her tips because family travel is expected to return in a big way this summer. In fact, a Family Travel Association survey found that 88% of responding Macaroni KID readers planned to travel with their children in the next 12 months. 

Here are three of Kimberly's family travel tips:

1. Think practical

Vacations can be all about letting go of everyday responsibilities, but moms still need to consider the practical, Kimberly notes. Considering things like whether or not a hotel offers a great breakfast is important when traveling with kids, Kimberly says. 

"That's something I'm so thankful for when my kids are cranky and hungry," she says. "We can eat right at the hotel and then go explore."

Nick Bumgardner/AP Images for Hilton

2. Consider your pets

The Paisley family has two rescue dogs, Hoot and Annie. (Get it?)

When practical, the family likes the dogs to accompany them on trips, Kimberly says.

They're not unique: 55 percent of Americans who are pet owners are likely to travel with their pets this summer, according to a recent Hilton survey. 

"I just love having our dogs with me, and they love coming with us," she says. "Having them along really gets us exploring cities on foot, which I love to do."

3. Give each other room

Cramming everyone into a single hotel room doesn't sound like a great "getaway." Instead, consider a suite or adjoining room, Kimberly says.

"When my kids turned 12 they started going to bed later than I do. Now they're the ones putting me to bed," Kimberly says. "So we all enjoy our space."

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