How Point Sebago was Fun for My Whole Family!

By Sarah Cates, Publisher of Macaroni KID Concord, NH October 10, 2023

My family just got back from a wonderful vacation at Point Sebago Resort in Casco, Maine. There were things for everyone despite our different personalities, ages, and preferences! No wonder I met people that have come back year after year continuing to be a part of the Point Sebago community through multiple generations. There is so much for everyone to enjoy but I'll share the highlights of what my family experienced during our stay at Point Sebago.

The author was hosted by Point Sebago Resort to facilitate writing this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

Accommodations for Everyone- During our stay at Point Sebago, my family stayed in one of the newest cabins. It was actually a tiny home complete with a full-size refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishes, linens, and more. Although, the firepit and picnic table also provided a more rustic feel for when we wanted to get more in touch with nature without even leaving our site. The accommodations were just right for us. My older son had the space and grown-up-feel of the queen size bottom bunk; my little guy had the fun of sleeping on the top bunk; and my husband and I had the privacy and space of our own room. Our little guys felt even more loved when they found Chippy, a Point Sebago mascot stuffed animal, laying on their pillows as a welcome gift from the resort. I also want to note that we don't have pets, but there are a number of pet-friendly places and an on-site dog park for those that do!

Activities for Everyone: Point Sebago is a 775+ acre property with amenities all over it, so we had fun using the golf cart to get to all the things we wanted to do. The mile-long beach provides the picturesque hub or backdrop for many of the amenities! When the weather was right, dozens of families congregated at the beach for unhurried relaxation. When the weather was a bit rainy and chilly, the lakeside arcade was a great place to spend some family time. The mini golf and playgrounds were near the top of my boys’ list of favorite beachside amenities. The many ropes, obstacles, and things to climb provided fun challenges to test their ninja skills. 

The huge inflatable water park provided another activity that tested their ninja skills. My big boy said it was his favorite part of our vacation. It was an adventure and challenge for even the adults to get all the way past inflatable balance beams, monkey bars, hills, and more without falling in! The photo below doesn't even show HALF of the length of the huge obstacle course. I did the small one with my little guy and even that was epic!

Events Calendar for Everyone: Even though there are so many amenities for guests to enjoy at any time, Point Sebago also provided us with an events calendar that was jam packed with entertainment, competitions, classes, and more for all ages and interests! Seriously, the events calendar is SO packed that just one page of it only covered a few hours of the fun they had planned! My family had fun together participating in the Fun Factory and Family Game Night where we were able to compete against other families. 

Somehow, I am the only one in my family that LOVES singing and dancing. Thankfully, I was able to do some things that I enjoy while the guys had fun in the lake. Between the awesome stage presence of a 3-year-old, joining with people of all ages, and singing "Part of Your World", karaoke was a ton of fun! I also loved the songs and exercises that were part of my first ever water aerobics class. 

On the other hand, my boys attended a Ranger Rick Learn to Fish class just for their ages. Ranger Rick is one of the long-time staff people that connects amazingly with families. Although the kids were young, he captivated them with props and jokes to teach about casting, the names of fins, and more. Then, they excitedly headed out to the fishing dock together in hopes of earning a trophy for one of the biggest catches of the week.

Food and Drinks for Everyone: The menu at the Landing Restaurant and Tiki Bar was perfect for my family, too! There were burgers for my big boy, chicken tenders for my little guy, Orchard Salad and Hawaiian pizza for me, great options like Steak and Cheese for my husband, and Fish and Chips for my father-in-law who came as a day visitor. Salads with fruit always hit the spot for me, but the real surprise was the onion rings. They were the best-tasting, sweet, and tender onion rings I have ever had! Also, the restaurant and tiki bar have a great view since they are located right on the beach.

For My Family and Yours: Throughout our whole stay, Point Sebago provided my whole family with fun and amenities that were just right for each of us. Point Sebago made us want to join the many families that come back each year. It was so cute when my little guy said, "Fank you Mommy for bringing me here!" after he had only explored the resort a little the first day. He had no idea the amount of fun we were about to have. It was such a wonderful gift to bring my family on such a wonderful getaway thanks to Macaroni Kid's partnership with Point Sebago.

Want a vacation spot that will check all the boxes for your family, too? Book your stay at Point Sebago Resort today! There are options to stay just a weekend, week, or even long-term. Be sure to explore their website to see what exciting activities and amenities your family can enjoy!